Our faith in the largest democracy in the world has been restored this week; thanks to the bastion of investigative supremacy the FBI. We can now all rest assured that Hillary Clinton is not a lying scumbag. 
Following a route and branch review of the allegations made last week, that Hillary Clinton used her personal email to inappropriately store top secret information like the true use of Area 51 and the reason anyone finds Zach Galifianakis funny, the Investigation concluded that she is innocent of all charges.

Fucking amazing how it takes six months for a parking violation hearing to take place yet without hearing any whiteness testimony or asking fucking anyone anything, the black-suited, talking-into-their-wrist-bastards can let the lying cow off the hook inside a week.

James Comey, Director of the FBI said today: “It’s not unusual for my wife and two daughters to go off camping without telling anyone that they were going or where they’ve gone, but I know they’ll be back after Hilary wins the Election” 
Democracy in action folks!