Jeremy Corbyn said he will not fight Diane Abbott for her seat when their constituencies are carved up as a result of major boundary changes. 
“I don’t blame him”, said the party’s chief whip Dame Rosie Winterton DBE MP; “she’s a no-holds-bared brawler, he’d be fucking mental to take that on!”, she went on to say. 
Another Labour MP, who didn’t want to be named, said he’d seen her bare-knuckling in an underground prize match back in the 90’s and she was brutal; “She put this big bitch in hospital and vowed to eat her family if she ever saw her again!”
Corbyn, a self proclaimed pacifist, won’t even cut his own toenails as he thinks it’s cruel. 
The Prime Minister, Teresa May said; “I’d enjoy seeing Corbyn get fucking battered by that monster, but it makes me feel sick when I think of them shagging!”