The New Jägermeister advert, which shows wealthy hipsters building a reindeer from scratch using twigs and shit found in a woodland clearing, has been voted the most unrealistic representation of a product ever!

A more realistic vision, showing the true use to which it’s customers use their product, would be a closet alcoholic dropping a shot glass of the foul tasting muck into a pint of wife-beater, then shortly afterwards collapsing into a pool of their own blood and snot, before being taken to hospital for a stomach pump. 

Lifelong drinker Shane  McGiveren, said; “I’ve been drinking this shit for years; I’m so much funnier and better looking when I’m shit-faced – everyone says so, so I get bolloxed as quickly as possible – I’d have no chance without Jäger-bombs – yeeeeeehhhh, get in!”