Final BREXIT ‘Hail Mary Pass’ using legal shenanigans is our second-to-last hope!
Clever people, who have made something of themselves, have an ‘agenda’ it’s claimed, as a couple of bright rich people have one last ditch attempt to prevent us telling Europe to fuck off. 
“Yes”; said Dr. David Foreman: “we do have an agenda, that’s what sensible people have to keep their meetings and conversations on track to prevent them saying something stupid like let’s leave the EU”
“Looking back; big decisions shouldn’t be left to fuckwits” Dr. Foreman went on to say. 
Research shows that insanely complicated things are usually best left to those with specific experience of such matters like BREXIT or brain surgery. For example, I’d happily give brain surgery a go but there’s a worse than evens chance you’d loose all bladder control, speech and the sight in your left eye if I did it but a brain surgeon less so. Which is why many are astonished that the biggest decision the UK will make in our lifetimes (other than the X-Factor final obviously) included canvasing total fuckwits. 
The problem is, fuckwits, currently outnumber intelligent people 2:1 because these thick fuckers spend most of their time watching TV or shagging; certainly not listening or going to school. So getting the in/out decision wrong isn’t entirely surprising when the biggest decision most of these underlings make each day is crack or coke?
“What do those clever, rich bastards know about anything?” Said perpetually unemployed Bob, 55, from a dilapidated sink estate outside Hull. “I’ve got as much say on the matter as anyone”, he said. 
Yes you do Bob, yes you do…I rest my case.