The smug grin was wiped off TJ Hooker or KJ Rotting, or whatever-she’s-called’s face recently.

The luckiest author in the world, TJ Rowing, or whatever the fuck she’s called, has been pipped to the post for the most read book. It turns out more people would prefer to read the loony ramblings of the religious texts than read her latest shite. 

TL Routling, or whatever the fuck her name is, wrote some wizard shite some years back with names for places, games and characters which could only have been created while high on some serious shit and which struck a cord with teenagers who hadn’t got into wanking yet.  

We were then force-fed twenty five sequels until kids started killing themselves with boredom or when they actually saw Daniel Radclick or whatever he’s called, actually trying to act. She then branched out and wrote under a suidinem, which went down like a cup of cold sick, a true test of her actual abilities. 

So, much like this shite I’m writing now, write because you love it, don’t hold out much hope of making a billion (that happens once in a generation) or of making any money at all for that matter, don’t read that dangerous religious stuff as it’s all the result of two thousand years of Chinese wispers and is itself equally unbelievable crazy wizard bull-shit.